Find Out Why

There are many ways you can help spread the word about the film American Blackout and the End the Blackout Campaign.

  1. Send the Trailer and information about the campaign to up to 5 people at a time:

    Your full name:
    Your email:
    Friend's Email 1:
    Friend's Email 2:
    Friend's Email 3:
    Friend's Email 4:
    Friend's Email 5:

  2. Become a community leader, order the DVD and Host a Screening.
    Click on the links below to help you host and promote your screening.

    Host Companion Guide (pdf)
    Screening Check List (pdf)
    Survey (pdf)
    Sign-in Sheet (pdf)
    Sample Flyer (word)
    Sample Press Release (word)
    Sample Letter to Board of Elections (word)

    Everything in a ZIP file

  3. Post, blog and talk about American Blackout and election manipulation in your online and real world communities. Suggest to organizations that you belong to that they host a screening and support the End the Blackout Campaign