Find Out Why

Why should you sign up to join the movement?

Social change only occurs when people take action. Voter disenfranchisement will only cease when we make a stand against it in numbers. That's why it is important to organize as a group of concerned citizens in order to End the Blackout in '06 and beyond. By signing up for the Campaign you will get alerts and news items that will help further educate our communities and also monitor election activities in your locality. See the movement beginning here

What does the End the Blackout Campaign do?

Starting in September 2006 the End the Blackout Campaign will make a public stand against voter disenfranchisement. We will work to raise awareness and educate the public on past and current instances of vote suppression and election manipulation. The American Blackout community screenings are just the first step of the awareness campaign. We encourage groups and individuals to utilize the film as a tool to facilitate community discussion so that we collectively can work towards fair and honest elections.

What happens next?

Beyond the American Blackout community screenings and awareness campaign, the End the Blackout Campaign is enlisting concerned citizens to become members of community watch groups for instances of vote suppression and election manipulation that occur in their local areas. By registering into our text messaging network, we will alert you to any breaking events on or before election day that require immediate community response. To join: text BLACKOUT to 75444 from your mobile phone. Do it now, our democracy is counting on you.